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  • May 21, 2018

Motorcycle and bike management software is an essential tool for managing your two-wheel rental business. The rental of two wheels is now acclaimed for various reasons: leisure, move quickly or test the vehicle. We will see at first what can motivate the rental of two-wheelers. In a second, we will examine how a bike and motorcycle rental software can become your best ally for the management of your activity.

Before looking at bike rental software, let’s take a look at the motivations of people renting two-wheelers

In order to optimize the management of your activity, the motorcycle and bike rental software is an essential tool. Before you start this activity, which clientele do you want to attract? We observed 5 types of motivation among people who rent two wheels.

The Different Usage and the Results:

Leisure: Some people are passionate about motorcycles but do not necessarily have the means or the place to acquire or simply do not want to have to maintain and ensure two-wheelers. They can hire a Bike on Rent in Jaipur a few times a year when the weather lends itself to make ballads with recent models and without the constraints that can have a bike.

Transport: Motorcycles and bikes are fast means of transport and do not suffer from traffic jams. Bikes are particularly popular in the most congested cities like Jaipur. In Jaipur, some companies have even set up a self-service electric bike system. Just connect to their app with your smart phone, locate the nearest bike and start it with the app. Once arrived at your destination, you simply put the bike that will be available again at the place where you put it, finished the system of binding terminals. Note that there are also people, who rent a bike in the year to move every day,

Tourism: There are areas that are perfect for two-wheeled holidays. Some two-wheelers are very popular with tourists during the summer period.

Essay: When you decide to buy a bike the dealer will give you the opportunity to try it. However you will be able to appreciate the conduct of your future purchase only for short minutes and on the bordering roads at the point of sale. Hire a Bike on Rent in Jaipur for a week can help you learn more about the behavior of your future mount depending on the type of road. Some rental companies and two-wheelers dealers are setting up partnerships in this direction. If your customer rents a motorcycle X for 1 week at home, he can enjoy a 5% discount on the purchase of the same new X motorcycle at your partner dealer.

Optimal management of your business And So Book bike on rent in Jaipur 

Now that you know the profile or profiles of the customers you want to seduce, you need to buy bike and motorcycle rental software to ensure quality service and maximize your profitability.

The bike rental software and motorcycle will also guarantee you a precise and rigorous follow-up of the interviews (planning of alerts), repairs and all the costs related to each of your vehicles. So you can know the profitability of each of your two wheels and maximize their resale price because they will be in good condition. In addition to allowing you to track your vehicles, the software to hire a Bike on Rent in Jaipur must allow you to track your customers with complete information sheets and the ability to quickly access a history of their previous rentals.

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