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  • May 30, 2018

Our brand name is our fleet. You can rent your personal bike when you’re next planning your adventurous trip to Jaipur. Renting bikes instead of cars and taxis is great fun. Hardly a few people do this. I will not say that travelling entire Jaipur on bike is easy or not tiring, but of course is great fun filled and adventurous task to do. There are very less people who take this opportunity of hiring bikes for creating their Jaipur diaries.

The company and its services

We are India’s largest and leading bike renting companies. We have our own blogs, stories of travelers who have traveled Jaipur on bikes, so many models of bikes to rent and choose from. Only an ardent bike lover and an excursionist can understand the love for travelling and roaming entire Jaipur on bike.

We are aiming to make our bike hiring business a hassle free business. This is the reason that this year, after so many success stories being featured on wall, the company decided to create and launch their own bike rental mobile application, called the bikexo app. Our company is well established not only in Jaipur but is rendering smoother and wonderful services to other cities as well. Our staff is working day and night to making this business as an error free business for all.

Bikexo holds 40% of the market share and is biggest player in bike renting space in India with a vision of becoming the pioneer of the market. We have more than a hundred bike vendors of different brands, which you can rent at affordable price tag. The company aims at creating wonderful and adventurous memories with all our bike riders.

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