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  • June 18, 2018

Getting a ride inter-city is always cool and fun with great friends and a good weather. But is it adventurous? Not though, I’d say. But getting a cool bike ride with once city to another is surely adventurous, exhilarating and a stimulating episode. Riding bike in the city is too common. You are adventure seeker and an excursionist, ride your bike to Jaipur with bikexo. Getting a cool bike ride with bikexo should be topping your list of excursions. Travelling is always fun to do but doing it on your own bike rather than a car or a mini bus, is surely one exciting thing to do.

Bikexo has come up with so many brand new bikes that you can hire for your next ride. Your biking experience is going to another level all because of bikexo. We have some excellent bike riders in our team who have thought of this idea of renting bikes to travelers who wish, rather, who would love to travel cities and places with their bike. You do not have a bike? Talk to us for any kind of bike that you’d like hire. Our team has a thing in common. All the members are enthusiasts and are excursionists. We formed our team a few years ago where all the travelers got together to form bikexo. Whether girl or a male in our company, we all have this similar passion towards riding bikes to places.

So you get your cool bike ride with us today. It is easier to reach us. You can now book your rides via mobile app. You can download our newly launched mobile app that can help you get your favorite brand of bike at affordable price tag.

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