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  • May 14, 2018

Are you more two-wheelers than a car? Are you going on vacation with little luggage? Why not rent a motorcycle for the holidays? As you approach the summer holidays, The Jaipur based companies gives you all the tips on how to rent a motorbike for your summer holidays! You can Book bike on rent in Jaipur now within your budget.

Why rent a motorcycle for the holidays?

Going through the lease of a motorcycle rather by its final acquisition allows you to enjoy all the benefits without the inconvenience of storage and maintenance.

Renting a two-wheeler can be a very different experience depending on whether you choose a scooter, a 125cc small motorcycle or larger engine up to a power of 650 cm3. It will also choose the type of motorcycle to rent based on his driver’s license, his experience as a biker and finally his budget.

How to make a successful rental of 2-wheelers?

Renting a motorcycle for the holidays does not differ much from renting a car. Here are the steps to follow to ensure that the two-wheeler rental runs smoothly! Book the 2-wheeler from a two-wheeler rental dealership (at your vacation location or near you):

  • Opt for the rental period: by the day, the week, the month
  • Check the motorcycle insurance cover offered by the renter
  • Check the rental conditions required according to the size of my motorcycle or scooter
  • Prepare all necessary documents for motorcycle rental: driver’s license, identity card (originals will be required on the day of signing the rental agreement)
  • Plan to pay a deposit (to be paid by credit card
  • When checking the bike, be careful. Scrutinize all possible defects of the rented motorbike to release you from any liability
  • Always keep a double of the contract when using the rented motorcycle
  • Before leaving on the highways of the summer, familiarize yourself with the bike as part of a test before renting
  • Make sure the motorcycle helmet and the lock are included in the rental price
  • Equip yourself with approved motorcycle equipment (jacket, gloves, high shoes)
  • Before returning the motorcycle to the lessor, refuel
  • Make the bike clean

How much does it cost to rent a motorcycle?

Rental rates for a motorcycle vary according to several criteria: the renter, the type of motorcycle rented the levels of guarantee of motorcycle insurance, a mileage, etc. Overall, entry-level bikes for a small mileage, prices start around 45 dollars / day, against 130 dollars / day for higher-end models. Be careful, this basic fare can fly in case of exceeding the mileage; you will have to ask the rate per additional kilometer. As for the price of the deposit, it is generally between 900 and 2500 dollars, depending on the type of motorcycle.

Rent a motorcycle: respect of the rules of the road

Renting a motorcycle involves the same duties on the road as all road users. And the first of these rules is to have obviously the motorcycle license adapted to the rented motorcycle.

  • A1 license: minimum 16 years, between 50 and 125 cm3, and the power does not exceed 11 Kw (15 horses)
  • A license (passed before 18 January 2013): from 18 years, for 2 years, only motorcycles between 15 horses (11 Kw) and 34 horses (25 Kw).
  • A license (passed from 19 January 2013): from 20 years and 2 years A2 license: all motorcycles over 35 Kw.
  • When you Book bike on rent in Jaipur then the above mentioned options you can opt for.

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